Discovery powers the work of NASA. It also drives music lovers to the Internet in search of something less ordinary. The two came together in 2011 with the launch of NASA’s Third Rock Radio, produced and published by Houston-based RFC Media LLC under a Space Act Agreement with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Washington DC.

The ongoing mission of Third Rock Radio is a built around a blend of art and science designed to bring young adults closer to science, engineering and technology. Through a high-energy connection to new music discovery, Third Rock Radio’s “explore and discover” theme spotlights the work of NASA, and its private industry partners, that seek to create a sustainable future for all.


NASA’s SpaceX Crew-1 Playlist – If you missed out on the original broadcast of the Pre-Launch Special of NASA’s SpaceX Crew-1 playlist, click here to see the playlist. You can also listen to the playlist on Spotify whenever you want by clicking here.

NASA Moon Tunes — NASA’s Johnson Space Center and Third Rock Radio solicited songs for a playlist to accompany astronauts on their three-day trip to the moon during the Artemis program. NASA Moon Tunes won a Webby Award for Social Media in Culture & Lifestyle. More than 1 million submissions helped build the final playlist, curated by Third Rock Radio and played across three days in a fully hosted countdown to the number one song, broadcast exclusively on Third Rock Radio. NASA Moon Tunes also won the People’s Voice award in its category. Third Rock is thrilled at this recognition! Thanks to all of you who cast your votes for this award-winning out-of-this-world playlist. You can find the NASA Moon Tunes playlist here. 2019 Moon Tunes Playlist